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When I was first diagnosed w/ Lupus, Hashimoto’s, and rheumatoid arthritis at 20 yrs old, I had joint pain every day in my fingers, wrists, elbows, toes, knees, and all of my joints on a daily basis. I also needed 12-15 hours of sleep daily to function, and even in my functioning hours, I felt so sleepy. The rash on my face was unbearably itchy and layered; it burned every moment. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was put on prednisone, a steroid, for an entire year.

The drug helped my symptoms, but I quickly became addicted to it & did not know how I would even taper this or heal my body. I had inflammation in my body for over 4 hrs that had always been there, getting worse since 16 yrs old. Doctors never gave me any real advice, and they just gave me different meds that were not helpful.


A friend pointed me toward Cynthia, who is extremely well-rounded in her knowledge of the body and autoimmunity. Cynthia helped me to change my lifestyle habits and diet, causing my inflammation to disappear for the first time in years. My face rash and aching joints went away slowly as we detoxed my body of parasites, mold/metals, and underlying infections.


Cynthia helped me to fix my adrenal glands. If it were not for Cynthia, there would be many hormonal problems I would have missed completely that would have led to the rest of my life being negatively affected.

I once had daily joint pain, and not my joint pain is completely gone. I haven’t felt it in over 4 months. My thyroid is at healthy levels even though doctors discouraged me that once your thyroid goes downhill with Hashimoto’s, you inevitably lose your thyroid. They were wrong! I can function well on 8 hours of sleep. I feel very aware and alert in my day. My tremors have significantly decreased. My face rash has not returned!

As a young person, I cannot thank Cynthia enough for teaching me to love healthy habits at a young age and restoring my hopes of being a functional wife, mother, and minister. I owe it to God for pointing me toward her and caring for me.

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Client transformation! From the beginning of her health journey till now! She & I began working together in June 2022. She had lost some weight in the past and then put it right back on. That cycle kept happening again and again.


She’ll tell you, she needed the accountability! We switched her diet and took out inflammatory foods. We started on supplements that helped put her body into balance. Then about mid-July, she felt like she had all of that under her belt, so we started strength training! That’s one of the biggest differences seen here. Not only is she down in weight, and looks less “watery,” aka inflamed, but you can see muscle definition starting to come through.


A few weeks into strength training I had her start keeping a food log and bumped her calories way up!! She was eating all of her meals but staying so high in protein that she was too full to eat enough for her body’s needs. When I saw this, we immediately bumped calories! An increase by 500+ caloires. We dropped protein & began doing a high carb on strength training days with moderate protein and lower fat, and then on rest days, she’s lower carb, moderate protein, and high fat. Guess what? Her weight dropped even more!


After she dropped two more lbs just this week, increasing calories, she sent me this “It’s crazy!! I literally said Cynthia’s a genius lol it’s so rewarding for me to see and learn and share; it’s amazing what you do! One of the best parts of this all is learning! I need the whys behind things”.


Wow! I’ve been really REALLY working on my skin. It’s come a LONG way. This is legit zero filter not even brightening it. Just me! And I’m so happy with the progress.


Recently I have removed ALL toxic skincare and makeup from my routine! Every last bit. And thankfully I didn’t have to stop using our CBD infused Thrive Skincare and was able to add a few new routine items to help.


People ask me all the time what non toxic makeup I use so I’ll tell you what I have on in the comments! They are hands down my absolute favorite!


Why non toxic? My liver was popping up in the No zone for a few years and with the help of Cynthia Lauren Mathes, we got that liver in the green zone with some holistic protocols and the encouragement to work on removing all toxic products from our home. We are 95% non toxic over here in our house and I am 💯 non toxic in all things toiletries!


I’ve seen a massive shift! Thanks Cynthia!

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From a size 14 to 4 and from a symptoms score of 1,149 to 98 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻♥️

This client came to me anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability, weight gain, and extreme fatigue with painful cycles as well.

When she came to me she said she was “practically starving herself. Living on sweet potatoes and bone broth primarily and doing HIIT all of the time.”

We were able to get her calories all the way up to 2500 during flush while symptoms plummeted and inches began falling off! She is now able to go out without anxiety debilitating her every move and liver her life!

In her words “I feel like a new woman!!!”


So I haven’t posted anything about this until now because I am my own worst critic. On Feb 6th, after YEARS of being overweight, hurting and just feeling downright icky, I decided to do something about it. It’s hard being that honest with yourself. I was 38 years old , and I couldn’t even play with my 3 year old without getting tired within minutes. So I made up my mind to be better.


I called the amazing Cynthia Lauren Mathes who I had heard about through my coworker Kristen. I had seen the results from her clients on her page and I felt hope. We drew labs and let me tell you how scary the results were.


Severe vitamin D deficiency, low B-12, low magnesium, hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, highly acidic, anemic, estrogen dominant, VERY high inflammation markers, low stomach acid, signs of a viral infection, high cardiac markers, liver enzymes elevated, A1C was too high, insulin resistant, cholesterol was terrible and leaky gut.


A major gut punch at how sick my body really was and just at 38! But Cynthia y’all!! She gave me my secret weapon. Knowledge. Knowledge over my body, over the food I put in my mouth and my entire wellness drive.


Her nutrition guidance and information about how different foods affect you is GOLD! If you had told me a year ago that I could eat TWO platefuls of food at one meal and lose weight, I would have laughed at you. Or that I can eat carbs and STILL lose weight? I have even been able to fast up to 3 days at a time because of the changes I made (Latin Food lunches to jumpstart these fasts with my supportive friend Amy Snow!)


But today, I am at my halfway point in this lifestyle change. I am down 50 pounds in just 3 months and 12 days. 🙌🏻


We have been on #AIP for about 2 months now and about 6 weeks of our customized supplement protocol - as of this morning we've hit a major "together" goal of 50 pounds lost 🥳


I'm 1 pound away from 2 major goals - 20 pounds lost since Thanksgiving and 50 pounds lost since having Zoe 13 months ago! 🎉


We are still a work in progress and have more healing and strengthening to do - but I'm glad to say that this is NOT just a New Years resolution that has fizzled! We are sticking to it and making progress, and undoing years of damage and bad habits!


I have yet to work out 🙈 this is just diet changes, lowering inflammation, healing, and supplement protocol. The next step for me is to be more intentional about moving, stretching, and building back strength!


Some non-scale victories - my wedding ring is falling off, I'm wearing jeans that haven't fit since before I had kids, I'm no longer wearing a ponytail to keep my jeans "buttoned" #iykyk, and when Troy hugs me he says there's not as much to hang on to 😜


Shout out to our coach Cynthia who answers our many many questions and put an awesome program together for us that is totally working 🙌


Last February I decided to work with Cynthia and change my lifestyle & relationship w/ food. I was so tired of feeling miserable and sick. I was in & out of hospitals and doctors offices. I was finally diagnosed w/ Hemiplegic Migraines after being told I had a TIA (stroke). I was exhausted, depressed & hated looking in the mirror. With Cynthia’s help & coaching I have lost weight, gained energy, have mental clarity, off medications, OUT OF hospitals & doctors officer all of the time, worked on childhood healing, learned to eat better and take care of ME! My journey is far from over but it’s not about where I have been or where I am right now, BUT where I am going! I have learned to live in the moment, accept me for me, forgive myself for not being perfect, & learned it’s OK to start over again & again as long as I don’t give up.


Cynthia, you have helped me so much & to say Thank You doesn’t even begin to express how grateful I am that Christa introduced us & that we have been on this journey together. You have been my advocate, Coach, therapist, medical advisor, mental professional, nutritionist & so much more physically, emotionally, and mentally. Words can’t describe how much your dedication & support means to me. I am forever grateful for your knowledge, experience, & love of what you do. So Thank You!!!


This is 3 pictures to represent what my physical journey has been the last 11 months. I am excited to see the continued progress & growth as I know this is a lifestyle not a quick fix.


If you are tired & tired of feeling like crap reach out to Cynthia. You too can heal and feel amazing!


I have been surprised at how much better I have felt and no headaches, less joint pain , loving having the energy to jump on the trampoline with my grandson ( which I haven’t had or done in over 20 years )


I love the confidence I’m gaining and learning to love ME again .

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