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Meet Cynthia

Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

Hi! My name is Cynthia Mathes and I am a holistic Functional Health Coach that specializes in weight loss and chronic symptoms. 


The journey to health and wellness began when I was in my 20s. I became desperate to feel better after gaining over 100 pounds in college and my career. As most people do, I started by changing nutrition and exercise habits and lost around 50 pounds before becoming pregnant. 


After the birth of my son, my weight began to creep back up at an alarming rate. The weight gain was accompanied by other chronic symptoms including exhaustion, hormonal fluctuation, hair loss, and more. 


After visiting over seven doctors, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis which is autoimmune thyroid. I was given thyroid medication and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to help with some of the symptoms I was experiencing. 


I knew this was not the only thing going on within my body. I knew there was something DEEPER.


This led me down the rabbit hole of uncovering root cause illness... detoxing from parasites, heavy metals, and mold along with changing more nutrition habits, learning exercises that served my body, working on a healing mindset, and resetting my immune system. 


I was able to lose a total of 125lbs, put my autoimmune condition into full remission, come off all medications and hormones, restore my health and energy, and keep the weight off for good! 


I now help others do the same thing so that they do not have to suffer as I did for years without answers. I now can show up as the wife, mother, friend, and family member that I was always meant to be! 


This is my passion for others too… To help you show up in life as your very best, most vibrant self. 

My Weight Loss Transformation

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